Team LHLH 2019

​As a ground up social movement, the most difficult thing to do is to ask HELP from another in aid of others… This trait of humility has been something that we have taught ourselves to embrace as long as it yields benefits to those in need. For the past 6 years, we have asked for help through donations and all funds are raised through word of mouth from family and friends ONLY.

In 2018, we found new friends in this endeavor. LHLH has now partnered Sree Narayana Mission (Singapore) – SNM. This partnership will not only allow us to hopefully cast a wider net to help more people in need, but to also hopefully assist our beneficiaries in a more consistent manner throughout the year. We will now be able to point them towards appropriate programmes and schemes which they may not be aware of or have access to. As we are partnering SNM this year, all donations above $50 will be entitled to 2.5x tax exemption. Hence we are fortunate to be able to reach out to individuals, corporates and organisations like yourselves to raise funds which is tax deductible.
Only the below mentioned individuals are authorized to collect funds for this year’s project. Please contact us for information on how to donate and sponsor items for the festive packs.

Logapreyan Renganathan

Sentil Ananthan
​Shaneet Nityanand Rai ​
​​Kogulabalan Segaran ​
​Santhiran Ezhavarasan
​Shubaashini d/o Vijayamohan
​Uma Ramakrishna
​Sivabalan Kurumbiah
​Ghajenthran S/O Ragendran​
Sonia Kaur
Gayathiri d/o Muthulingam
Veera Puvana
Uma Pandyan
Ganesan Soma
Natarajan Parthiban
Malarvili Agoram
Nurul Elmira d/o Muhammad Yaacob