Lighting Hearts Lighting Homes 2020

Volunteer Drivers

2020 will be LHLH’s 8th year. Since we started in 2013, we have reached out to more underprivileged families and individuals each year, bringing the festive joy during the festival of lights. All of this would not have been possible without the generous support of our donors and volunteers. Each year we have had volunteers from all walks of life, coming together to contribute their time in packing and distributing the goodie bags to our beneficiaries.

The struggles of vulnerable families like our beneficiaries have been further exacerbated by the pandemic this year. More families will be needing assistance during these trying times. In lieu of that, we are planning to outreach to more families this year.


Mode of operations

Due to COIVD19, there will be some changes in our mode of operation this year. Firstly, instead of rations, each beneficiary will be receiving a goodie bag with a festive angbao ($100 – $120), NTUC vouchers and a set of 2 festive goodies – Suji biscuits and murukku. As such, there will not be a mass packing session as per previous years.

Secondly, unlike past years, the goodie bags collection will be divided into 15-20 locations around Singapore. These collection points will be at the houses of Volunteer ICs. Volunteers who would like to help with distribution (who must have a vehicle), will need to collect the goodie bags from the Volunteer IC assigned to them.

Thirdly, all volunteers will have to deliver the goodie bags to 10 beneficiaries each. This is to provide an opportunity for volunteers to meet and interact with more beneficiaries. To accommodate the higher number, volunteers will be given a longer time to deliver the goodie bags. Volunteers will have 7 days (from 1 to 7 NOV 2020) to deliver the goodie bags to the homes of the 10 beneficiaries.


Important dates
Collection of goodie bags from Volunteer IC: From 1 NOV 2020.
Delivery of goodie bags to beneficiaries: 1 to 7 NOV 2020


Registration as a volunteer driver is now closed as we have reached full capacity. Thank you for the overwhelming support for LHLH2020!

For further information, please reach us at [email protected].